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The primordial psyche – by Mario Beauregard, Ph.D. (Guest post)

| Materialism, Mind / Brain, Near-death-experience (NDE), Philosophy, Post-materialism, Psi research, Science, Scientific Materialism | No Comments

Materialism—the idea that matter is the only reality—and reductionism—the notion that complex things can be understood by reducing them to the interactions of their parts, or to simpler or more…


Cosmic Order and the Logos

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There is a “cosmic order independent of our choice and distinct from the world of phenomena.” – Wolfgang Pauli. “None of our scientific endeavors would be possible at all if…


Hidden harmony

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“The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.” – Heraclitus (5th century BCE)*
Our culture has become immersed in the obvious, where we unreflectively believe that bigger and louder equals better.