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I have a PhD from the University of Liverpool, specializing in the Philosophical Foundations of Quantum Physics. My supervisors and examiners were from both the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Physics. I was very fortunate to have extraordinary support, despite the revolutionary essence of my doctoral thesis. I soon realized, however, that mainstream academia was not for me, so now I live in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. I have dropped social media, as well, but I moved various videos to this website in case they may be of benefit to some viewers.

Dr. Lothar Schäfer, who was Distinguished Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Arkansas, was an extraordinary pioneer in the sciences and in spirituality. About 8 years before he passed away, he told me that it would likely be quite some time before the essence of my book, The Eternal Law, becomes widely understood and embraced in society. At the time, I thought he’s probably right, but I’m hopeful that we may both be wrong on this particular point, as there seems to be a growing movement towards a more profound understanding of the connections between philosophy, science, and mysticism. That is one reason I have made the book available for free as a PDF. You can share the book with everyone.