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The following videos were posted on social media a few years ago, and are now archived here.

Ep 1: Cosmic Order 3:38

There must be a Cosmic Order that is distinct from the universe. If there were not, then science would be impossible, and we wouldn’t exist.

Ep 2: Mystical Metaphysics and a Famous Physicist 4:14

Many of the greatest pioneers in modern physics have been mystical and metaphysical to one degree or another. It’s quite amazing how the power of suppression can keep people from knowing this extraordinary fact.

Ep. 3: Planck, Faith, & Science 3:14

Max Planck, the key originator of quantum physics, believed that faith is foundational to science. Funny how atheists seem to ignore such things….

Ep. 4: Mind Power – Limited But Extraordinary 3:23

Naïve spirituality and parochial materialism are philosophical enemies, yet they are also both wrong. We do not have unlimited power, but our potential is far beyond what the materialist can imagine.

Ep. 5: Touching Truth 5:01

Some people like to say that “Truth is nothing other than one’s opinion”, but that statement is inherently contradictory and obviously false. So why does anyone pretend to believe it?

Ep. 6: Opposites Unite – a metaphysical flow 1:46

The Perennial Philosophy, the foundation of Religion and Science, embraces total unity – from Divine Mania to Quantum Physics.

Ep. 7: The Illusion of Superficial Spirituality 3:56

The world is a mess, and superficial spirituality isn’t going to help. In fact, it just makes things worse. Genuine mysticism is not superficial, and it cannot be irrational.

Ep. 9: Some Facts About Facts 5:01

Certain facts seem obvious (like the fact that there is a cup on my desk), but even an apparently obvious fact can be quite mysterious. The clearer you try to define the word “fact”, the more easily it slips beyond your logical grasp.