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Can you disobey the laws of physics?

“Every physical aspect of the entire universe must obey the one eternal mathematical law. For some people, this claim will appear to be an obvious truth. For others, it will sound like sheer nonsense. The truth is, it is neither nonsense nor obvious. Whatever our beliefs about the nature of reality, whether we are atheistic, agnostic, religious, or otherwise spiritually inclined, we cannot physically circumvent the one eternal mathematical law. It does not matter whether you are a scientific genius, a world champion athlete, a movie star, a lawyer, a teacher, or a pizza cook; the law does not discriminate in unfolding its power. The same law applies equally to all of us. It also applies equally to everything else, from amoebas to galaxies to black holes and to every single aspect of the universe that has ever existed, exists now, or ever could exist.”

The Eternal Law, p. 6